Handicraft tourism

Touristic packages:

1.-Productive earth and hands
4 days, 3 nights

Main attractions

ac 4- ARTESANIAS DE LUFA   Tierra y manos productivas


  • Monument “Mitad del Mundo” (middle of the world)
  • Ethnographical museum “Mitad del Mundo”
  • Museum de Tulipe
  • Guayllabamba river
  • Magdalena river
  • Handicraft workshop “Mandusol”
  • Oilbird cave
  • Community “El Rosal”
  • Micro enterprise “Naturaloe”
  • Waterfall of Mármol
  • Hot springs Nangulví
  • Musical group “Ideal”
  • Dancing group “Las Zumbadoras”
  • Settlement Plaza Gutiérrez
  • Handicrafts made of cabuya
  • Face of Apuc-hila (God of power)
  • Community Pucará


(Day 1)

We will start our trip in the City of Quito, visiting the museum “Mitad del Mundo” where we will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of Ecuador and Colonial Quito. We will visit different pavilions of culture, science, craftsmanship and commerce. At the end we will have fun with a variety of experiments that confirm our location at the half of the world.


Once the tour has finished, we will take the road Calacalí – La Independencia, towards the northwestern part of Quito, until we arrive to the museum of Tulipe, which was an important ceremonial center of the Yumbos community, who inhabited that area about 1200 years ago. Their archaeological vestiges are embodied in monumental structures that demonstrate their knowledge about astronomy, geometry, architecture, etc. Following these two visits we say goodbye to the Pichincha Province and continue our journey to Imbabura Province, entering the valleys of Intag and Manduriacos.


Our accommodation for this night will be the community lodge “Hormiga Verde” (The Green Ant), where we will pass the evening playing games and relaxing.

Technical Data: Transport Quito – Manduriacos, Intag: 3h. Altitude Quito: 2800 meters above sea level, altitude Magdalena 655 meters above sea level.

(Day 2)

We will start this day by visiting the Grand Valley Workshop Corporation, characterized by the innovative agro-ecological handmade products, such as lampshades, slippers, and coin purses, among others, designed by the creativity of a group of business women using lufa (Luffa Acutangula), a natural fiber.

After this visit we will venture in the direction of the Cueva de los Tayos (Cave of the Oilbirds), which carries its name for the presence of nocturnal birds from the owl family, called Tayos.

After this sighting we will head over to the community of El Rosal, the smallest in the Intag Valley, where we will have lunch with our new host families. Here we will be given a demonstration of how to make handicrafts like soap, shampoo and lotions on the basis of sábila (Aloe Vera). Later we will have the chance to plant a little rose in the community gardens so that they may remember our visit. We will also learn the secret of how to make the delicious yucca bread that we will then be able to enjoy alongside our host families.


Technical Data: Trail to the cave of the oilbirds: 15 min. Transport Magdalena – El Rosal: 1h. Altitude of Magdalena: 655 meters above sea level, altitude El Rosal: 1557 meters above sea level.

(Day 3)

This morning we will undertake a hike to the Mármol waterfall, a beautiful place, where we can enjoy spectacular views, a great variety of orchids and hardwoods, and where we can have a refreshing swim. Afterwards, the women of El Rosal will give you a relaxing massage using sábila (Aloe Vera) which will revilatize you for the rest of the day.

After lunch, we will leave to the Eco-Touristic Complex of Nangulví, the final accommodation of our trip. You have the rest of the afternoon free to enjoy the natural hot springs, with water from the Cotacachi Volcano.

We finish the evening with dinner and a cultural event filled with live music, dancing, and typical drinks from the area made of cane sugar.

Technical Data: Trail El Rosal – waterfall of Mármol: 40min descending, 1h30min ascending, 4 stops at viewpoints and a 60% gradient, Level of difficulty: moderate. Altitude of the waterfall: 12 meters. Altitude Community Nangulví: 1350 meters above sea level. Temperature of the thermal waters: 45 oC max. and 20 oC min.

(Day 4)

After a delicious Intag breakfast, we head to the settlement of Plaza Gutiérrez to get to know a group of women who make handcrafts from cabuya (Furcrea Andina), a natural fiber that is used to make handbags, hats, belts, and wallets, amongst other things. We will spend some time with the women, learning their techniques. Afterwards, we will enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant “Paradero Turístico la Cucharita” in the community of Pucará before saying goodbye to the Intag Valley.


Technical Data: Transport El Rosal – Plaza Gutiérrez: 1h30 min. Altitude El Rosal: 1557 meters above sea level. Altitude Plaza Gutiérrez: 1958 meters above sea level. Altitude Pucará: 1980 meters above sea level.



  • Guidance (Spanish)
  • Private transport (Quito – Intag)
  • Souvenir of the Intag Valley
  • Living together and having a cultural exchange with mestizo farmer families
  • Massages with essences and Aloe Vera (20 minutes)
  • Entries to the places to visit according to the itinerary
  • Entrance of the hot springs Nangulví
  • Cultural evening to the sound of the drums of the musical group “Ideal”
  • Performance of the dance group “Las Zumbadoras”
  • Comfortable rest
  • 3 nights accommodation:
  1. 1st night: Community hotel “Hormiga Verde”
  2. 2nd night: Community guesthouse El Rosal
  3. 3rd night: Eco-Touristic complex Nangulví
  • Healthy and varying meals:
  1. First day: refreshments, lunch and dinner
  2. Second day: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  3. Third day: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  4. Fourth day: breakfast and lunch


  • Sport drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Activities not listed in the Itinerary

To bring


    • A small backpack to carry the necessary things for the trail
    • Comfortable and light clothing for the day and warm clothing for the evening and the night
    • Spare clothes and shoes, as for we will be four days in the countryside
    • Rubber boots (recommended) for the trails
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Hat, sunglasses and sunblock
    • Swimwear
    • Insect repellent
    • 1 bottle or thermos for sport drinks during the hike
    • Camera
    • Toiletry bag


    Community Hotel "Hormiga Verde"

    Hormiga Verde

    Community Magdalena Bajo, Settlement García Moreno, Intag zone.

    Cotacachi, Ecuador. The climate is tropical, at 655 meters above sea level.


    This hotel counts 12 rooms with a rural flair, surrounded by beautiful gardens, offering an environment of peace and tranquility. 

    3 single rooms

    6 double rooms

    3 rooms with four beds

    Total capacity for 25 persons, additionally 2 persons if a couple


    You can try traditional dishes, based on organic products of the area like: yuca, green banana, beans, corn, eggs from the countryside, coffee, cacao, fresh milk, and fruits like Papaya, Araza, Borojo, Babaco, Orange, Pineapple, etc

    Other available services:   


    Laundry service

    Hot water       


    Family Accommadation in El Rosal

    IMG 2532   IMG 2536

    Community El Rosal, Settlement García Moreno, zone of the Intag.

    Cotacachi, Ecuador. The climate is temperate, at 1557 meters above sea level.


    The visitors can be hosted in the houses of the families of this community, which currently counts 4 accommodations, properly appropriate for tourism. This allows major cohabitation and cultural exchange.

    The capacity is for 15 persons, including hot water and shared bathroom.


    You can try traditional dishes, based on organic products of the area like: yuca, green banana, beans, corn, eggs from the countryside, coffee, cacao, fresh milk, and fruits like Papaya, Araza, Borojo, Babaco, Orange, Pineapple, etc.

    Facilities of the Community:

    Walking trail to the Mármol waterfall

    Volleyball field

    Pools of tilapias



    Complejo Ecoturístico Nangulví

    Dormitorio 2   FERIA 063

    Community Nangulví Bajo, Parrish Peñaherrera, Zone of the Intag.

    Cotacachi, Ecuador. The climate is warm and humid, at 1350 meters above sea level.


    The complex Nangulví counts 6 homely rooms, each one with a double bed, a single bed y private bathroom with hot showers. It possesses beautiful gardens and its landscape is being completed by the Intag River. With a total capacity of 18 persons.


    Breakfast, lunch, dinner (menu style)

    Other available services:               


    Laundry service

    6 Hot water pools

    Volleyball field


    Centre of tourist information

    Internet and public phone

    Small shop of handicrafts

    Meeting room

    Security guard




    2-4 pax

    5-9 pax

    >10 pax




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